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COVID & Social Distancing... 

GUESS WHAT!! Since 360 MBM Fitness is all about smiling no matter what we've decided to make the best out of these times of social distancing to bring together a stronger community through online health fitness coaching!


Right now if you are looking for new ways to stay active and healthy while at home and feel like you could really use the guidance I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you take advantage of our online "Age Like Fine Wine" program that was launched in May. 


The program is 4 weeks long with active workouts held 3 times a week. You also get to join our "Mindfully Fit" community on Facebook, where you can get feedback, tips and personal motivation!  


Get Started Today & Live a Healthier You!


Functional Strengthening

Currently $65 per (IN PERSON) session

 360 Mind Body & Muscle is a small health promotion business that have certified health fitness professionals who enjoy seeing individuals regain confidence and improve their quality of life through physical activity. 


We take pride in our ability to tailor activities & programs to best fit the individual we are working with.


We observe your current abilities and starting with the basics we provide exercises that will help you become stronger throughout ever movement. That can be being able to balance on one leg to get your pants on, or go up the stairs without pain or server  loss of breath. 

Mobility Training

Currently $65 per (IN PERSON) session

Many individuals tend to have the wrong idea about mobility training. Stretching, stretching and more stretching. But really what it entails is yes some stretching but then also strengthening once increased range has been achieved. 


With out proper mobility our bodies tend to develop dysfunctional movement patterns due to the body not being able to move through its intended ranges.  These dysfunctional or impaired movement patterns result in:

      - unnecessary development of muscle tension in places that shouldn't be holding all that tension,       which in turn causes chronic pain & fatigue

      - increases your risk of join pain and or join instability 


If you can relate, then maybe it is time to make a change to a more mobile and functional body. A consultation will help to jump start your journey. So go ahead and book, we are excited to help you to gain a healthier you!

Coaching for Healthy Habits 

Is Part of Every Training Program

In the world today where social media seems to be everyones main source of information, fitness trends are considered norms. 


We are here to hopefully help educate our clients about the importance of consistency! 


If you are interested in developing life long healthy habits so you can age in style send us a quick message with your contact and we can chat. 


"I have been really happy with 360 MBMF. Tipper listens carefully to my concerns and customizes my training to match my needs and goals. I appreciate that she promotes long term lasting change versus short term short lived gains. Tipper is also kind and supportive while maintaining a professional approach at all times."

β€”  Peggy Sheppard

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