Functional Mobility and Fitness Training

Functional Mobility and Fitness Training Can Bring Rejuvenation and Vitality!

Individuals around the country struggle with the daily activity that is walking. This is due to a number of different factors, including age and chronic disorders. According to some studies, over a third of seniors over the age of 70 have some sort of abnormal feature to their gait. This can lead to long-term joint health issues, potential falls, and even significantly reduced quality of life.


While we cannot go back in time to enjoy younger legs, we can rejuvenate our bodies through the best mobility training London Ontario has available. 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness provides in-home functional mobility and fitness training that incorporates bodyweight exercises, resistance training, aerobic training, all with a focus on everyday movement.


In order to explore the benefits of mobility training with a CAN FIT PRO Certified Personal Trainer, all one needs to do is apply online, today! Applications are easy and scheduling is easier. Thanks to an online web portal, clients can interface with 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness no matter where they are!


The BEST Mobility Training London Ontario Has to Offer!


Through the exploration of functional mobility and fitness training, the team at 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness endeavors to provide their clients with access to revitalizing services to help them live and feel their best. Through applied effort with a physical therapist as well as a full consultation, 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness can help their clients to succeed through in-person services at home to residences throughout the London Area.


The team at 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness utilizes equipment, bodyweight exercises, and unique coaching to provide a path to success for individuals looking to improve their overall mobility. Owned and operated by Tiphereth J. Straker, a better brand of living is only a consultation away.


Let's reclaim your mobility together through applied functional mobility and fitness training!