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Aging well can be best accomplished when we undertake preventative measures along the way. Falling at an older age can have devastating effects on the health, mindset, and overall wellness of an individual. While we can not prevent all falls from happening in the future, through fall prevention exercise coaching we can help to prevent the frequency of their occurrence.


360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness provides motivation, educated, professional 1-on-1 in-home, and online exercise and fitness trainer coaching. With a focus on improving the health and wellness of older adults, here are all the ways that fall prevention exercise coaching from 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness can help.


1. Understanding Fall Risks


Before we delve into the benefits and efficacy of fall prevention exercise coaching, we must highlight how damaging falls can be. Millions of people are treated in the E.R. around the country every single year for injuries related to falling. Risks can be compounded by balance and walking issues, the use of multiple medications, and potential lower-body injuries. Falls are most often reported in the bathroom, shower, or at night in the bedroom.


While falling can never be completely eradicated as a concern, the exploration of fall prevention exercises through an online exercise and fitness trainer can provide direct and immediate support.


2. Finding Solutions Through Exercise


After understanding fall risks, it is easy to understand why hiring an online exercise and fitness coach at 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness can be so beneficial. The coaching staff at Mind Body & Muscle Fitness is led by owner Tiphereth J. Straker, a CAN FIT PRO Certified Personal Trainer with a BHSc from Western University.


Tiphereth specializes in joint pain, mobility, and women's health. Her work as a professional in the fitness industry gives her the insight and knowledge necessary to teach older adults how to live a life both balanced and healthy.


To explore fall prevention coaching, fill out an application at Mind Body & Muscle Fitness, today!