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Movement Therapy 101: Explore Pre-Rehabilitation Exercises For Your Lower Body.

From competitive athletes to individuals looking toward pending surgery, pre-rehabilitation exercises have been revered for helping individuals to heal properly, faster. While much is made of the time spent after surgery, there is a reason why doctors and medical professionals are prescribing pre-rehabilitation exercises.


In order to discover these benefits with the assistance of 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness, let's walk through the process together.


1) What Are Pre-Rehabilitation Services Good For?


Also known as 'prehab', pre-rehabilitation services are typically prescribed by medical professionals to individuals awaiting surgery. Sometimes these services are ordered for athletes in rehab while other times they are for older adults looking to regain their full mobility.


2) How Can Prehab Help Me?


The team at 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness put together personalized movement therapy plans for each client, offering custom solutions that provide real results. Most programs are going to focus on core strength and stability while lower body programs are ideal for rejuvenating movement.


Pre-rehab services aren't just ideal for preparing for surgery as they also help to warm our body up for exercise. The techniques learned at 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness can be learned, saved, and explored for as long as the client finds them useful.


Schedule Movement Therapy at 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness

For clients looking after the best pre-rehabilitation exercises for lower body London Ontario has to offer, they've come to the right place. 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness was founded by Tiphereth J Straker, a CAN FIT PRO Certified Personal Trainer with her BHSc from Western University. An expert in women's health, joint pain, and movement therapy, Tiphereth and her team are ready to leap into action to provide support.


In order to lock down the best pre-rehabilitation exercises for lower body London Ontario has available, fill out an Application at the 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness official website. Tiphereth and her team are proud to offer online services as well as in-home movement therapy for clients across the London, Ontario area.

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