The founder of 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness: Tiphereth

Hello! I am Tiphereth,

I also go by Tipper just to make life easier when it comes to pronunciation of my name.  I am the founder of 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness and I enjoy working with the more mature and wise 50+ female population.  As a Certified Personal Trainer through Can-Fit-Pro and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, I am unbelievably passionate about healing and strengthening the body through mindful movement and exercise.  This has been the most rewarding career choice I have ever made and I've been doing this since 2016 and hope to continue for as long as possible!

Let me tell you my story and how I got here. 

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My Story



Okay, so how did I get into this career?  Well, a few years after graduating from Western with my first degree, I decided to give my family doctor a visit. This visit led to discovering a throbbing hard ball in my tummy area, which, after referrals and further evaluation landed me in the hospital in need of major pancreatic surgery. It was, a very life alternating event that had very painful complications that sent me back into the hospital after being discharged for only 24 hours. 

After 5 months of recovery, a 12 inch vertical scar, and not being able to get out of bed without help (thanks to having no strength what-so-ever in my core muscles), I came to the realization that working at my current job (which surprise wasn't in the health industry) and getting a reliable healthy paycheque wasn't worth struggling the rest of my life with back pain, weakness and other possible health issues due to not having enough time as a result of working long hours to get a good paycheque.  Working close to 12 hour days left me with no time to take care of my physical and emotional health in the way that my body and mind needed.  After returning back to work for about a month, I decided to quit because I realized that at the end of it all no amount of money would be able to fully replace good health and functional independence.  

Now, since I didn't study to become a nurse (even though my mom really wanted me too), I decided that I could dedicate my knowledge about the human body to helping individuals avoid the hospitals through preventative care measures. Teaching and coaching individuals on how to maintain and improve their health and functional strength is a method I know to be successful as a form of preventative care. Based on the joy I see in the lives of my current and past clients, working as a healer through exercise and self-love is very rewarding.    


In the summer of 2019 the worst thing that could happen did.  I lost my mom to breast cancer.  This only helped to further fuel my passion even more.  I began to truly realize how much women go through in their life.  From raising children and holding a full or part time career, at the end of it all some "you time" is needed, but can be something that is hard to achieve for many who have dedicated so much to everyone else.  I am now a mother to a 1 year old girl and I too have to remember to take care of myself. I'm constantly reminding myself to stay active, do the work I love, and to listen and be kind to my own body so I can be in this physical world for my family, my daughter, for as long as possible. 

Thanks to my Health Science background from Western University and my 2.5 years of studying Kinesiology, as well as my certifications through Can-Fit-Pro and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, I can successfully make a positive impact on my own health and the health of my amazing clients.  I have fully dedicated my life to help others regain their ideal quality of life through coaching the habits needed to improve their health and well-being.  If you feel ready to take a more mindful approach to your health and fitness, I would love to be your partner in crime on your journey.  I look forward to hearing from you and until then, smile and say kind words to yourself.


- Tipper - 

“More than just Personal Training”


Thanks for taking the time to hear my story!

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My Story in Audio
The founder of 360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness: Tiphereth


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