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We are educated health and fitness professionals who go above and beyond for every client.


We provide only the best services guiding our clients to a happier, healthier, and a more functional self.  

We are passionate about helping women effectively take care of themselves. Why? Because they take care of everyone around them, so we choose to help them take care of themselves too. 

Our Motto:

Build Healthy Habits & Gain A Healthier You!

Our Philosophy...

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Is that fitness is not just a look of athleticism, or a perfectly sculpted body.


It is that the health and fitness level of any individual should be experienced as a feeling of great well-being!   

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to educate individuals about their power to improve their health and fitness through effective, efficient and mindful physical activity participation.  


We want to encourage individuals to understand that healthy eating habits and movement is the key medicine for improving life satisfaction.  

360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness helps you improve your quality of life through online training

Tiphereth J Straker (Owner)

Tipper discovered the value and power of mindful physical active after dealing with the ups and downs of her own health issues that resulted in major abdominal surgery. The dramatic loss in her physical well-being motivated her to pursue a career in the fitness industry where she could encourage and teach other women about the importance of health (both mental & physical) as a whole. Tipper has been working in the field since February of 2016 and started her own female focused business in 2017. Over the years Tipper has become an expert in women's health and fitness working with individuals dealing with low energy, joint pain or discomfort to helping women maintain mobility as they wait for hip replacement surgery. Tipper strongly believes that true health, fitness and happiness is more than a look but rather a feeling. She believes that for one to enjoy life they must be healthy and happy.     


  • BHSc - Western University

  • CAN FIT PRO Certified Personal Trainer

  • CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology)

360 Mind Body & Muscle Fitness - Founder & Owner
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